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Pollution Solutions
Can you find at least eight things in the picture below that could cause litter, waste, or other pollutants to end up in the storm drain and eventually flow into nearby lakes and streams? Circle the related activity in the picture, and then describe in the blanks below how it could cause polluted runoff. Next, write down what could be done differently to accomplish the same task with less pollution.
Eight Causes of Polluted Runoff
Graphic Adapted from San Bernadino County, CA
Answers to Pollution Solutions located at bottom of the page.

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Answers to Pollution Solutions

1. Oil leaking from car in garage

2. Chemicals in garage stored improperly

3. Washing paint brush in driveway

4. Overflowing trashcans

5. Over-fertilizing

6. Changing oil in driveway and spilling

7. Dog poop on lawn

8. Washing grass clippings down driveway