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Johnny Fishpatrick - Radio :60

In this 60 second commercial, character Johnny Fishpatrick visits a family to complain about the pollution coming from the storm drain nearby. Johnny explains that storm drains lead directly to the nearest creek, stream or river and complains about all the trash, soap, pet waste and fertilizer that have made their way to “his” house. There is about five seconds near the end of the spot where local governments can identify themselves and the Web site,

To use this commercial, simply download it to your pc in its mp3 form or direct your broadcast vendor to the site.

Johnny Fishpatrick - TV :30

Johnny Fishpatrick - TV :60

In these 30 and 60 second commercials, character Johnny Fishpatrick drives a dump truck to the Butler house to ‘return’ all the pollution that came from the nearby storm drain. Johnny explains that storm drains lead to the nearest creek, stream or river and asks that the family stop polluting the local waters now that they “know where it goes.” There is space at the end of the spot for audio and video identification of the local government sponsor on the bottom half of the screen below the “” logo.

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