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Technical Assistance
The documents here are intended for general guidance only. To ensure your project complies with North Carolina’s rules and regulations, please refer to current regulatory documents.
Local Government
Calculating Land Use Impacts
Construction Outreach Materials
EPA Stormwater Listserv  (Subscribe)
Funding Your Stormwater Program
How to Create A Stormwater Utility
NCSU/BAE- How to Do Phase II
Low Impact Development
Managing Stormwater in Small Communities
Municipal Operations
Municipal Pollution Prevention Planning
National Management Measures to Control Nonpoint Source Pollutionfrom Urban Areas
National Water Quality Assessment Program
NC Model Stormwater Ordinance
Oregon Stormwater Toolbox
Outreach Guidance for Permit Holders
Permeable Pavement

Pet Waste Fact Sheet
Program Elements and Funding Alternatives
Stormwater Demonstration Sites (Neuse Basin)
Stormwater Facility Maintenance Manual
Stormwater Manager Resource Center
Stormwater Technologies Clearinghouse
Stormwater Technology Evaluation and Verification
Stormwater Videos (various topics)
Stream Buffers
Urban Stormwater BMPs
USGS Models and Modeling Tools Archive
Stormwater Manager’s Resource Center
Watershed Education for Local Officials
Webcast Archive – Eight Tools of Watershed Protection in Developing Areas
Wetland Issues

Bioretention Performance, Design, Construction
Construction Industry Compliance Assistance
Construction Management Measures
Designing Stormwater Wetlands
DWQ Best Management Practices
DWQ Stormwater Permitting
Dust Control
Economics of Structural Stormwater BMPs
Erosion Control
Erosion Publications
Low Impact Development Center
NC Green Building Technology Database
NPDES Stormwater General Permits
Pollution Prevention by Industry
Stormwater & Erosion Control
Training & Credit

Buffer Rules & Private Property
Homeowners & Wetland Certification
Lawn and Garden
Landowner's Guide to Managing Streams
Surf Your Watershed