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(303(d) Report)
Water Quality Assessment (DWQ)

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Basinwide Assessment
Basinwide Water Quality Plans
Clean Water Management Trust Fund
EcoSystem Enhancement Program
NC Coastal Habitat Protection Plan
Riparian Buffers and Water Quality
Wetland Restoration

NC Floodplains
Coastal Wetlands
One NC NaturallyConservation Planning
DWQ Regional Offices
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Shellfish Waters
Stormwater Permitting Programs

Citizen Resources

What is Stormwater
Resident’s Guide to Water Quality
What is a Watershed?
What is NSP Stormwater Pollution?

Helping in The Household
Build a Raingarden!
Buffer Rules & Private Property
Household Tips
Managing Stormwater at Home
Pet Waste Pollutes
Pooper Scooper Directory
Rain Garden Design Templates

Recipes for Alternative Household Products (Espanol)

Center for Watershed Protection  
Clean Water Education Partnership   
EPA Stormwater Program 
Low Impact Development Center
NC Big Sweep
NC Conservation Network  
NC Cooperative Extension  
NC Department of Environment & Natural Resources
NC Division of Water Quality  
NCSU Water Quality Group 
NCSU Stormwater Engineering Group  
Piedmont Triad Water Quality Partnership  
San Diego - Think Blue
Stormwater SMART  
UCF Stormwater Management Academy  
Water Resources Research Institute

Stormwater and Your Health
NC Recreational Water Quality Program
NC Recreational Water Monitoring
Recreational Water Illness
Stormwater & Swimming:Know the Signs

Kids Corner
Can You Find the Pollution? (Printed Version)
Discover Your Ecological Address
EPA's Water for Kids
Harvesting Rain With A Cistern
Non-Point Source Kid's Page
Pollution Solution Workbook
River Basin Maps (Free)

Annual Youth Garden Grants
Drinking & Groundwater Activities (K-12)
Estuary Curriculum & Resources (K-12)    
It’s Our Water (HS)  
Love-A-Tree Kit (Free)  
NC Office of EE 
Nonpoint Source Pollution Activity (4–8) 
Order A Free Stormwater Video
Outdoor Education Grant Programs  
Project WET (K-12)

Financial Assistance and Tax Credits

EPA Office of Water Funding Sources
Nonpoint Source 319 Grant Program
UNC Environmental Finance Center
Research Grants from WRRI (due 10/6)
Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation Grants

Local Government
Agriculture Cost Share Program
Clean Water Management Trust Fund
DOT Enhancement Grants
Environmental Quality Incentives Program
EPA 319(h) Grant Program
EPA Environmental Education Grants
Federal NPS 319 Grants

Five Star Restoration Grant Program
National Coastal Wetlands Conservation Grant Program
NC Construction Grants and Loans
NC Ecosystem Enhancement Program
Sustainable Design and Green Building Toolkit (PDF)
Urban & Community Forestry Grants
Water Resources Development Grants

Community Conservation Assistance Program
Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program
National Resource Conservation Service
Wetlands Reserve Program

Permitting and Certifications

BMP Inspection & Maintenance Certification
CAMA Permits (Coastal Counties)
Certifications for Stormwater and Erosion Control
DWQ Stormwater Unit
Erosion & Sediment Control
NCSU-BAE Workshops and Training
NPDES Construction Stormwater Program
NPDES General Permits
NPDES Stormwater Program (Overview)
NPDES Stormwater Rules & Laws
Phase I & Phase II (MS4s)
State Stormwater Program (Post-construction)
Stormwater Permit FAQs
Water Supply Watershed Program
NPDES Basics
NPDES General Construction Checklist
NPDES Phase II Forms
Phase II Permitting and Reporting
Technical Bulletins
Wetlands/401 Certification

Laws, Rules and Regulations

Clean Water Act
NC Clean Water Responsibility Act
Section 303(d)
Sedimentation & Pollution Control Act
Selected NC State Statutes
State Environmental Policy Act
Submitting Water Quality Data
Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDL)

Administrative Code & General Statutes Used by DWQ
CAMA Rules & Policies
Coastal Stormwater Rules
Nutrient Strategy Rules
Sedimentation & Control Rules
Shellfish & Recreational Water Quality Rules
State Stormwater Rules & Laws
Tar-Pamlico Nutrient Strategy
NC Water Quality Standards


Technical Assistance

Local Government
Calculating Land Use Impacts
Construction Outreach Materials
EPA Stormwater Listserv  (Subscribe)
Funding Your Stormwater Program
How to Create A Stormwater Utility
NCSU/BAE- How to Do Phase II
Low Impact Development
Managing Stormwater in Small Communities
Municipal Operations
Municipal Pollution Prevention Planning
National Management Measures to Control Nonpoint Source Pollutionfrom Urban Areas
National Water Quality Assessment Program
NC Model Stormwater Ordinance
Oregon Stormwater Toolbox
Outreach Guidance for Permit Holders
Permeable Pavement
Pet Waste Fact Sheet
Program Elements and Funding Alternatives
Stormwater Demonstration Sites (Neuse Basin)
Stormwater Facility Maintenance Manual
Stormwater Manager Resource Center
Stormwater Technologies Clearinghouse
Stormwater Technology Evaluation and Verification
Stormwater Videos (various topics)
Stream Buffers
Urban Stormwater BMPs
USGS Models and Modeling Tools Archive
Stormwater Manager’s Resource Center
Watershed Education for Local Officials
Webcast Archive – Eight Tools of Watershed Protection in Developing Areas
Wetland Issues

Bioretention Performance, Design, Construction
Construction Industry Compliance Assistance
Construction Management Measures
Designing Stormwater Wetlands
DWQ Best Management Practices
DWQ Stormwater Permitting
Dust Control
Economics of Structural Stormwater BMPs
Erosion Control
Erosion Publications
Low Impact Development Center
NC Green Building Technology Database
NPDES Stormwater General Permits
Pollution Prevention by Industry
Stormwater & Erosion Control
Training & Credit

Buffer Rules & Private Property
Homeowners & Wetland Certification
Lawn and Garden
Landowner's Guide to Managing Streams
Surf Your Watershed

Stormwater FAQ's

What is stormwater runoff?
What is polluted runoff?
What is nonpoint source pollution?
What causes polluted stormwater runoff?
Why do we need to manage stormwater and polluted runoff?
How are stormwater and runoff "managed"?
Why all the recent fuss about stormwater?
If it only affects streams and creeks, why should I care?
What is a stormwater fee and why do I have one?
How does this benefit the average taxpayer?
What can I do to reduce the amount of stormwater pollution I contribute?
How else can I help reduce stormwater pollutionin my area?


Cape Fear Green Building Alliance
Center for Research in Water Resources
Center for Watershed Protection
EPA Healthy Watersheds
Local Government Environmental Assistance Network
Low Impact Development Center
NA Lake Management Society
National Association of Flood & Stormwater
Association Of Environmental Professionals
NC Cooperative Extension (by county)
NC Dept. of Transportation Stormwater Program
NC Sea Grant
NC Water Resources Research Institute
NCSU/BAE Stormwater Research & Extension
NCSU/BAE- How to Do Phase II
North American Lake Management Society
Sustainable Buildings Industry Council
Sustainable Environment for Quality of Life
U.S. Green Building Council
Water Quality Information Center
Watershed Education for Communities and Local Officials
Western North Carolina Green Building Council


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