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The documents here are intended for general guidance only. To ensure your project complies with North Carolina’s rules and regulations, please refer to current regulatory documents.
Local Government
About Runoff Pollution
Calculating Land Use Impacts
Coastal Counties Restoration Initiative (2/24)
Construction Outreach Materials
EPA Stomrwater List Serv
Example of Ordinances
Free Environmental Management System CD-ROM
Free Land Conservation/Water Protection CD-ROM
Fundraising Car Wash BMPs
Guide to Wetland Restoration
How to Create A Stormwater Utility
How to Develop a Model Urban Runoff Program
Managing Stormwater in Small Communities
Methods to Develop Restoration Plans for Small Urban Watersheds
Municipal Operations
Municipal Pollution Prevention Planning
National Management Measures to Control Nonpoint Source Pollution from Urban Areas
NC Model Stormwater Ordinance (Draft)

Oregon Stormwater Toolbox
Permeable Pavement
Permeable Paver Modeling Tool
Pet Waste Fact Sheet
Phase II Overview
Post Fire Mitigation
Program Elements and Funding Alternatives
Public Perceptions and Concerns
Recreational Water Monitoring
Southeast Watershed Forum
Stormwater Demonstration Sites (Neuse Basin)
Stormwater Facility Maintenance Manual
Stormwater Manager Resource Center
Stormwater Videos (various topics)
Stream Buffers
Urban Stormwater BMPs
Urban Watershed Forestry Manual
Water Utilities – Management & Finance
Watershed Education for Local Officials
Webcast Archive – Eight Tools of Watershed Protection in Developing Areas
Wetland Issues