Discharges Into Storm Drains, Streets, Culverts, Rivers, Creeks, etc.
Storm drains in streets and parking lots flow directly to streams, rivers, lakes and the ocean without any type of treatment.

No one is allowed to dump waste of any kind onto street surfaces, drainage pipes and ditches, or into storm drains–they are only for rainwater.

If you see someone dump anything onto street surfaces, into storm drains, or into any other device built to contain rainfall or runoff, please report it by calling 919-807-6363 or use the form below. Nights and weekends please call 1-877-623-6748. If you see evidence of dumping, but did not see the act, please report the location. Your complaint will be forwarded to stormwater officials for investigation.

To report an emergency, call 911.
Do not use this form to report an emergency.

Please provide as much information as possible to help officials proceed with an investigation.
All personal information is kept confidential.

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